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Pizzabaker respects your privacy requirements

We at Pizzabaker greatly appreciate your order by phone or on our website We note that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations for processing customer information. You should feel safe when shopping with us. Your personal information is protected by the Personal Data Act and Pizzabaker is responsible for handling this information in a safe manner.

It is quite possible to visit our website without having to give any information about yourself. It is only when you want to buy goods that we need information to deliver the service you request. This Privacy Policy Statement provides you with information about what information we collect, how we process the information, and information we store. The statement is valid whether you call your order or order on our website

What is privacy?

Privacy must protect against misuse of personal data. Personal data processing is regulated in the Personal Data Act. This law should protect privacy, personal integrity and provide adequate quality of personal information. For more information about privacy, see

What personal information do we request?

When ordering by phone we take in the information that is necessary for us to be able to give you the best possible service either by picking up or delivering pizza. This includes name, telephone number, delivery address, payment method (card, cash), content in order and price of order.

When ordering on our website, we also need information about your card number. This information is collected by Bank of Ireland via Evo Payments and is not stored by Pizzabaker.

If you sign up, we will store your purchases so that you can easily track your purchases.

For our corporate customers who make use of invoice payments, we will accept the company name, organizational number, name of contact person, telephone number of contact person / company, e-mail to contact person / company, invoice address with any notices and any password. Credit assessments will be carried out via our Head Office. When you order, we need your customer number and password.

How is the personal information used?
As stated above, the personal data is primarily used to provide service in the customer relationship. Should you be so unfortunate that there was something wrong with your order, we will, if you contact us, return to your order. Personal information is also used to ensure that you as the customer receive the right order at the right time. If you register and thus become a loyalty customer online, your email address may be used to send out customer survey and promotinal ezines for Pizzabaker.

Do we disclose the information registered about you?
The information we collect does not under any circumstances be disclosed to other organizations or businesses.

Right of access and right to correction and / or deletion?
It is important for us that you as a customer at all times have access to and the ability to change your personal information. For us, this means that your personal information becomes accurate and complete so that we can provide you with the best possible service. For you, this means that you always have an overview of what we have stored.

Other rights
If you have given consent to the processing of personal data, you can withdraw this at any time. We will then without undue delay delete the information, unless another basis gives us the right to process the information further.

You also have the right to request Pizzabaker to limit the processing of personal information that applies to you or to protest against the processing. You also have the right to data portability, which gives you the right to receive personal information about yourself and to transmit that information to another manager.

The rights can be invoked by contacting us at the same email address as mentioned below. If you want to change or gain access to information we have registered, you can do this on your profile at If you want to delete your account / profile with us and in this way to delete all your personal information from our register, please contact our customer center at [email protected]

If you believe that the personal information has been processed in violation of the Personal Data Act, we appreciate your contact with us first. You can also appeal to the Data Inspectorate at

Legal basis and purpose for the processing of personal information

TreatmentPurposeLegal basis
Ordering pizza through website or by phoneTo enable the sale and delivery of pizza to customersWhen ordering pizza as a private person, we process information about you to enter into and fulfill an agreement with you, cf. the personal data protection regulation (“GDPR”) article 6 no. 1 letter b. If it is a company or an organization that orders pizza, personal data are processed in accordance with legitimate interests, cf. 6 no. 1 letter f. We consider the interest in delivering pizza and offering our services as weighty, justified interests.
Sending newsletters to people who sign up for these.Inform stakeholders about new offers, information about the Pizzabaker or other relevant material.Consent, cf. Article 6 (1) a.
Use of cookiesTo improve the customer experience when using our website.Based on legitimate interests, cf. 6 no. 1 letter f. We believe that the opportunity to offer you a better customer experience is our weighty, justified interest. You also agree to the use of cookies through the setting in your web browser, cf. Electronic Communications Act § 2-7b. See our cookie policy by clicking on the link below.
Creating a customer profile.Provide customers with opportunities to create customer profiles, which simplify ordering and provide customers with a better overview of our services and past deliveries.When creating a customer profile, you yourself will largely be responsible for the treatment. Pizzabaker’s basis for processing is legitimate interests, cf. Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f, of the GDPR.
Sending customer surveys if you create a profile.To get feedback from customers that provide the basis for improving services, service and goods.Eligible interests, cf. GDPR Art. 6 no. 1 letter f. We consider our legitimate interest to be receiving feedback that gives pizzabaker the opportunity to improve services and offer customers an ever better offer.

How long do we store your personal information?
Your personal information is stored as long as your profile is active. For services that are not related to profile, we store the information as long as it is necessary to realize the purpose, or to fulfill the requirements of law or regulation.